Sustainable Practices

At Executive Caterers, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact through responsible practices. As a company based on customer service, we believe these practices benefit our clients and guests by improving the quality of our communities, environment and animals; with hopes that many of these environmentally minded implements may inspire a more widespread chain reaction. These practices are spread throughout all of our departments and we invite our clients, guests and vendors to join in on these efforts.

Waste Minimization

  • Glass, corrugated cardboard, paper, aluminum and plastic recycled from events and within the offices
  • Cooking oil collected for recycling
  • Reduced use of bottled water with increased use of water pitchers and dispensers to reduce plastic waste

Energy Efficiency

  • Sensor lighting throughout the building to reduce energy consumption
  • Florescent and LED lighting throughout the building to reduce energy consumption
  • Energy efficient tankless water heaters for our dishwashers
  • Cooler strip curtains and air curtains to increase energy efficiency

Environmental Purchasing

  • Use of local suppliers for food purchases in support of our local economy as well as reducing our carbon footprint
  • Use of biodegradable products made from sustainable materials for disposable meal services

Water Conservation

  • Automatic faucet and flush sensors
  • Low flow faucets in all restrooms
  • Gardens and lawns watered on an as needed basis

Sustainable Gardening

  • Hand-weeded flower beds reduces need for herbicides
  • Use of perennials in all gardens to maintain soil, reduce weeds and increase soil nutrients reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and herbicides
  • Minimal use of power tools

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